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Outdoor sleeping experience in the Alps I Austria

hosted by Alpenresort Walsertal 4s****

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Outdoor sleeping experience in the Alps

“Here I feel like I can take my time. Taking time for myself, for my thoughts, for my creativity, for the moment. DreamAlive is like a picture frame where I can choose which colours I want and which memories I keep in it. A place where my problems feel so small while I watch the stars fall asleep, listen to the melodies of the wind, until finally the sun kisses me awake the next morning. This place is a way for me to look back, reflect and be grateful, or just enjoy a night out – in a way I always dreamed of as a child.”

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Whoever sits in a glass house may reach for the stars

The new DreamAlive Sleep Lodge is unique in its kind. The first mobile and self-sufficient 360-degree glass-enclosed hotel room. Minimalistic in its form and equipped with the most modern standards. In addition to the infrastructure with table, refrigerator, shower, WC, it has a unique sleeping concept from SAMINA, which once again significantly increases the quality of sleep. At will, the bed can be positioned with the simplest methods, both under the glass roof and on the terrace.

SPA DreamAlive - Walsertal

Vital Oasis

If it can be a little more

The host hotel of the DreamAlive – Großes Walsertal allows guests to discover the fascinating wellness landscape of the Alpenresort Walsertal, which was expanded in 2021. Whether in the sauna landscape, the steam baths or during an extensive swim through the mountain panorama indoor pools with 29 and 30 degrees each on a total of 2,000 m².
SPA DreamAlive - Walsertal


Under the moon or in the restaurant.

When it comes to culinary variety, as part of the DreamAlive Experience, dreams are definitely read from the lips. Fabio Sperger takes care of the dishes from the traditional and international cuisine. Be it in the DreamAlive Sleep Lodge for breakfast, or in the restaurant for dinner. On request, dinner can also be taken or served to the DreamAlive.
Kulinarik DreamAlive Walsertal Vorarlberg


Living in harmony with nature

Designated a biosphere park by UNESCO in 2000, the Great Walser Valley is a mountain world with unique natural jewels: Gorges, torrents, colourful alpine meadows, lakes and high alpine peaks characterise the landscape. As a model region, the biosphere park pursues the ambitious goal of preserving habitats worthy of protection for future generations, and in doing so, to demonstrate and pursue ways in which humans and nature can interact positively and complement each other.


Hildegard and Frank Sperger

With the Alpenresort Walsertal and the Sperger family, the DreamAlive Sleep Lodge is in the best of hands. The traditional Alpenresort Walsertal has been owned by the hotel family since 1932. Today, Hildegard and her husband Frank Sperger are the third generation to run the hotel. Son Fabio is also at the forefront of the family business and reflects the reflective characteristics of the Sperger family. Both in the Alpenresort Walsertal and in the DreamAlive Sleep Lodge, guests are gripped by an authentic, earthy ambience. This is underlined by the lovely character of the Sperger family and their obliging staff. “With the DreamAlive Sleep Lodge we are allowed to bring you closer to the feeling of life in the Alps in a different, new and intensive way. Ready for an unforgettable night?”
Hildegard und Frank Sperger DreamAlive Vorarlberg


Experiences and stories from DreamAlive Großes Walsertal

Star map

When the sun slowly disappears on the horizon and the stars light up the sky, the personal star chart offers insights into an entirely new adventure.

My path

If you would like to sort out your luggage in advance, we are happy to provide you with our handmade DreamAlive backpacks. We will leave the rest of your luggage safely at the hotel and have it ready for your return. On arrival you will be given directions or escorted to DreamAlive. The route can be similar to a treasure hunt. With a map and sturdy shoes, set off on your way. Take only what you really need on your way.

Meet the Alpacas

There are always spontaneous alpaca hikes that allow you to experience the mountains in a completely new way. Hikes are possible on request!


After a short consultation the day before, the breakfast basket is adapted to the preferences. Whether vegan, vegetarian or regional meat specialities. As part of the DreamAlive Experience, the guest is offered a sufficient, coordinated breakfast in the lodge or in the restaurant.

Dream Bed

The bed is unique in its form. It was designed together with the team of SAMINA® founder Prof. Dr. med. h.c.. Günther W. Amann-Jennson and taking into account the findings of NASA scientist Dr. Joan Vernikos. The SAMINA inclined sleep bed frames are patented worldwide.

Barefoot hiking

Conscious walking, running, hiking, sensing. If you want to do something good for yourself, a barefoot hike gives you the opportunity to get to know your body, soul, heart and mind in a new way.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Covid-19 made us aware of how special it is to be able to take time off. Of course, we have dealt with the new standards and created optimal results that make a trip easy & safe. All reservations made from 20.12.2020 onwards, are cancellable free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival, if you are unable to arrive due to one of these reasons. So don’t worry about your wallet: nothing stands in the way of a booking! We are very flexible with changes or cancellations and will be happy to accommodate you.

The check-in at the hotel reception is possible from 2 pm and the check-out until 11 am. If the DreamAlive Sleep Lodge is not immediately re-let, we can of course offer that you can stay longer than 11 am.

Upon arrival, our guests can choose to dine in the hotel restaurants or at DreamAlive. Here they can choose from a 5-course dinner menu or à la carte menu provided by the Alpenresort Walsertal Hotel 4s****.

There are very special milestones in life that accompany and inspire us in our everyday lives. DreamAlive is a concept made of love, dreaming and the will to take the next step. We would be happy to support you on your journey to your next step. Please inform us about your ideas at the latest 4 weeks before booking and we will be happy to advise you about the many possibilities!

When booking via the DreamAlive homepage, breakfast is included as standard. We are happy to prepare a personal breakfast basket by arrangement the day before. Otherwise, you can explore the rich breakfast buffet at the Hotel Alpenresort Walsertal 4s****.

We have taken care during the production of our lodges to combine both the best and safest materials. To be closest to nature, we have chosen glass. Despite the assumed transparency, these special windows all have visibility or sun protection. In addition, the lodges are located in supposedly remote places. Therefore, the areas around the lodge are usually not accessible to external visitors, or not heavily frequented. It is possible to spend the night both inside and outside the lodge, with the help of the movable bed.

The DreamAlive Sleep Lodge already offers some opportunities to indulge in inner balance. Those who want to engage in a more intensive, physical examination of their own body have the option of booking the wellness experience at the partner hotel or choosing the all-inclusive experience directly.

Dancing in the rain is probably one of those things that are on almost every “to do” list. However, rain is no problem for the lodge. In case of a bad weather situation, the bed can easily be moved under the glass roof. This makes it possible to spend the night in the Dream.Alive even during bad weather situations.

The booking conditions vary from location to location. More information can be found on the respective page of our destinations at the bottom; or specifically within the booking window.


In the heart of Vorarlberg

All roads lead to Faschina. We look forward to our first encounter at the reception of the Hotel Alpenresort Walsertal. Anyone who has fallen in love with the mountains in Vorarlberg has definitely been on a visit to the Great Walser Valley.





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Wir fahren zu zweit die Bergstraßen entlang, vorbei an den saftig grünen Wiesen. Blicken in die Ferne über Gipfel und Täler. Wir sind angekommen! So weit weg von Zuhause überkommt mich ein Gefühl von Geborgenheit. Ich kann mich fallen lassen.

Voller Vorfreude lächle ich zu Valentin und wir entschließen uns, uns gleich auf den Weg zu machen. An der Rezeption bekommen wir noch zwei Taschenlampen mit auf den Weg. Wir hätten auch zum DreamAlive gefahren werden können. Haben uns dann aber für die zehn minütigen Fußweg entschieden. Nach jedem Schritt löste sich die Anspannung und die Vorfreude wird größer. 

Hier sind wir nun, unser DreamAlive. Ich betrete die erste Stufe, der Raum erleuchtet. Daraufhin beginnt ein Lichtspiel und der Raum leuchtet in einem rötlichen Licht. Ich öffne die Flasche Rotwein, welche für uns in der Küche bereitgestellt wurde. Wir plaudern noch ein bisschen über das Leben und unsere gemeinsame Zeit. Eingekuschelt unter der Bettdecke, tauche ich schließlich, in meine Gedankenwelt ein. Über dem Lichtermeer und unter den tausenden Sternen fühle ich mich ganz unscheinbar und klein. Meine Augen werden schwerer und ich schlafe langsam ein. 

Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen erleuchten das Tal und wecken mich sanft aus meinem Traum. Valentin schläft noch etwas länger. Die Bettdecke fühlt sich angenehm warm und trocken an. Ich stehe langsam auf, berühre mit meinen Füßen den warmen Holzboden. Was sich wohl im Früstückskorb befindet? Wir rufen in der Küche an und erzählen von unseren Wünschen. Kurze Zeit später werden wir von frischen Früchten, frischem Brot und weiteren köstlichkeiten Überrascht.

Das Frühstück in der freien Natur, Vogelgezwitscher, der Duft der Tannen und der Gräser ergibt eine einzigartige Stimmung. Die morgendliche Bergkulisse ist einfach sensationell, und lässt uns nicht los. Nach dem Frühstück beschliessen wir unsere Wanderschuhe anzuziehen und eine größere Runde zu gehen, bevor wir uns auf den Weg ins Hotel machen um uns in der Wellnesslandschaft zu entspannen.